Saturday, October 1, 2011

Worldwide Photo Walk

Today Arthur and I went on the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk trying to make the best of gray skies and sporadic rain showers.  I can't say that I got any pictures that I love but that happens and it was a good day of shooting and meeting people.  Here are 3 photos from the day.


The above is a close-up of detail in a wrought iron fence.


Flowers along the walk.


This is probably my favorite as I like all the different roof lines, textures, and shapes.

I hope if you got to participate in the WWPW this year you had a great time and if you didn't get to walk this year that you do next year.


  1. I like the picture of the flowers. Looks like they are talking to each other. Anne Sullivan

  2. Hey Liz,
    This is Allison from this weekend. I love these photos from the photowalk. I think it would be cool if you got a chance to walk this same route again and take photos after all we have learned this weekend. Hope your week is fantastic.