Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week In My Life Day 1

http://www.adventuroo.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Adventuroo-WIML-monday1.jpg                             I needed a kick in the pants to get blogging again on a regular basis. So when I saw that Melissa from over at Adventuroo was hosting a linky party and asking people to blog about a week in their life I figured it was the perfect opportunity.  

As many of you know on July 24th our life was changed forever.  Our home was set on fire by a serial arsonist that was terrorizing our neighborhood.  In that fire we lost our cat, our car, and our home.  We are in the process of rebuilding but it has been a long and emotionally draining process that we could not get through without our family, friends and faith.  The one bright spot is that the arsonist was caught almost 2 weeks ago and is being held without bail.  Having said all that my pictures this week will be a lot of going over to the house to check on progress and answer any questions I can.  

My husband was off today so we went by the house to check on things and found that our kitchen cabinets, trim and doors had been delivered.  Yippee!!

After that we off to Home Depot to pick out lighting fixtures and paint colors.  I have to admit that last week when we went to pick out flooring I figured it would be painful to get us to agree and we agreed on everything right away, it was scary.  However, lighting fixtures were not so easy.  Oh my goodness why do I want all the expensive fixtures????  Oh well that is not to be but we did finally agree, for the most part, and I will give the list to the project manager tomorrow.


From there we went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a camera guide for my camera since I lost all my reference books in the fire.  Unfortunately they didn't have the one that someone recommended so I had to order it.  I figure when you can't get what you want you should eat ice cream....nice motto huh?  Works for me.



We decided comfort food was the order of the day so we ate baked mushrooms for dinner.  Now you know I am not the healthiest of eaters.  These were delicious.  Unfortunately, I forgot to white balance for our apartment's lighting and since I couldn't figure out my lightroom 3 trial today I couldn't do any post processing on any of these photos.


I hope everyone participating in a Week In My Life is enjoying it and I look forward to seeing your posts.  If you want to see everyone's posts be sure and check out Melissa's blog.


  1. Glad things are coming along nicely with the house. I'm sure it's at times fun and frustrating. I can't wait to hear when you are back home and the arsonist is in jail where he belongs.

  2. so glad they caught the jerk that did this. finding and agreeing on new things for the house is exciting but stressful too. ice cream is the perfect answer, lord knows I have had that for dinner many times after a bad day at work. so the baked mushrooms that looks interesting what is it?

  3. Hmmm.....ice cream first, and then the mushrooms---you are making me hungry!

  4. ooops, I have to figure out how to sign my name with the comments, sorry! Anne Sullivan

  5. I'm so sorry about your home. Glad you had some time to work on your house though!

    And I WISH Daddy Roo liked mushroom. That's like the only veggie he doesn't eat. Your dinner looks yummy!

  6. Please share baked mushroom recipe as it looked delicious! I have never had baked mushrooms before. Also very happy that the arsonist has been caught & that your home is coming along. Hello to Arthur from me.