Tuesday, April 2, 2013

P52 - week 14

Last week two of my cats,  the two that are brothers, had a big cat fight in the morning and I was worried about leaving them to go to work but I had no choice so off to work I went.  When I came home neither greeted me so I was worried that one had really hurt the other.  I started searching the house for them and when I entered the guest room this is what I found......

ESlade-March 29_ 2013-1974

I couldn't believe it but I was very happy to see it.  I wish I could so easily forgive and forget.

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P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


  1. Your cats are beautiful! I like the message you ended with as well. I learn a lot about life from my animals!

  2. Now this is definitely a very SWEET SHOT!!! What cuties. I had two males that always used to fight too but they always made up.....glad to see your two do the same. Happy Sweet Shot Tuesday to you.....and the boys.

  3. Animals and kids are so good at forgetting unimportant things!

  4. Two snuggly peas in a pod. Now I no longer believe you about their spats. :P