Tuesday, March 6, 2012

People Pictures - exercise 5

Last week's exercise is delayed as I need more time to take pictures using film but we are moving on to exercise 5 Narrative Portraiture.  The assignment was to shoot portraits for about 30 - 45 minutes at a location that you feel tells a story about your model.  Using props to enhance the story take several shots and then pick your favorite to print.  Since this exercise is for my blog I am posting my favorite here.

My model this week is Chef Christine Van Bloem of the The Kitchen Studio in Frederick, MD.  If you are not familiar with The Kitchen Studio check out the website.  They offer classes for kids, tweens, teens and adults as well as summer camps.  Tons of fun and good food happening at The Kitchen Studio.  If you live in the metro D.C. area you should definitely take some classes.

This was a fun assignment and here is my favorite from the photo shoot.

Be sure to check out the other ladies playing along with the People Pictures assignment.


  1. Great portrait. I it made me smile and whisked me away in thoughts of whipping up something good to eat

  2. Looks like you are having a great time, love the shot!
    Thanks for your compliment on my photos... I used a 300mm lens for the close up, so I wasn't that far away from him. We seemed to really hit it off! :) The nice thing about that shot is it was right before we left and no one else was around me making the owl nervous, so he seemed very comfortable and let me take loads of pics of him.

  3. What a fun image! It shows her personality as a fun-loving person (she is, right?). I also like the composition and even though I don't usually like props, the whisk makes this image!