Tuesday, February 21, 2012

People Pictures - exercise 3

It is 11:25 pm on Tuesday night and this post was suppose to go live yesterday.  I have been trying to organize our basement which sounds like it should be easy but it is not.  So I apologize for my lateness and without further delay here is lesson 3.

This week's assignment was to try to define our style by using comparative terms.  Step 1 was to list 25 physical things you favor.  Once you have that list you need to pick 5 and write about what you like about them.  My 5 are quilts, funky socks, board games, wrought iron, and wood.  The reason I like them is as follows:

I like quilts because of the countless ways that you can express yourself while making one.  Also, they add a level of comfort to a home and person.

I like funky socks for the colors that bring joy at first sight and the comfort and warmth they bring to the wearer.

I like board games because they can bring together an eclectic group of people. Also, they might look simple at first glance but they are more complex once you start playing.

I love looking at wrought iron.  Strong, sturdy, handmade with fun patterns.

I love wood.  Real beautiful wood brought to gleaming in the sunlight makes me happy  It can be a piece of highly polished wood or a rustic piece of barn wood.

Step 2:  Seasonal Colors.  Write down the four seasons, the colors you associate with them and words to define the seasons then pick the season you would like your photography to match.  I picked summer with its pinks, purples, darker greens because it reminds of settling into a comfortable life after the newness of spring and before fall's shedding of the flowers and leaves.

Step 3 Weather.  Pick the weather you would best like to photograph in. I do not have a lot of experience shooting in various conditions so I said I love blue skies with sunshine and areas of shade.  That  providea opportunities for some nice shade shots but also allow for some nice sunbursts.

Step 4: Music.  I must say music is not my thing and I had no idea how to answer this one.

Step 5:  Food.  Describe how you want your photography to be using a food analogy.  I would like my photography to be like the dates at my local tapas restaurant.  They are dates stuffed with chorizo wrapped in bacon and served with goat cheese cream.  These are heavenly.  At first bite they are good but then all the flavors burst in your mouth and you realize they are fantastic and you want more.   

I will wrap up the lesson on that note.  This was a very interesting exercise and I can't wait to see what the other ladies have to say. Be sure and check them out.

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  1. I like how you explain why summer colors are your favorites -- clearly related to what's happening in your life.