Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Graffiti Alley

In Baltimore there is an alley called Graffiti Alley and I went there Sunday with a friend.  Here are a few pictures from the alley.  The address is Howard Street and W 19 1/2 Street behind Load of Fun.  If you are local you should stop by, my understanding is the artwork changes pretty regularly.  Art is expressed in many ways and this is one more way.



As you can tell I like the people images.


Here the artist covered wires and other building objects.

I know many people disagree with graffiti being called art and that is not an argument I want to get into on this blog.  I feel it has a place and in this alley it is done legally and art students from a local art college can come and use the alley as a backdrop for their photography.  I enjoyed checking out the alley and taking pictures.


  1. that is so cool. I think every city should have a spot where people can do this freely. we use to have a wall that everyone did this on would write happy birthday wishes, marry me etc... but the city tore it down and the graffiti vandelism went up. they have since allowed it in a couple other spots. but i miss that wall it always made me smile. great shots looks like a fun place

  2. Stampmouse - That sounds like such a cool idea it is too bad the city tore it down.