Sunday, January 23, 2011

Full moon and an illegal visitor at the table

Last week I took this picture of the full moon as I arrived at the train station. 

I like the way the clouds are just above and below the moon.

Yesterday I was trying to take a picture that I will post tomorrow and while I was trying to get a decent shot I looked up to find our cat, Sylvester, looking at me.  I am a stickler for cats not being near food prep areas or serving areas but he is a sly one and got by me and jumped up on a chair at the kitchen table so I took this picture and got him down.  I know I should have shoo-ed him away without taking a picture but he is a cute one.


  1. great moon shot. and tooo funny on sylvester. that is so cute. gotta be where mama is checking out what you are doing

  2. The cat picture is my new favorite. Nice catch.