Wednesday, December 1, 2010

foot problems

On Sept 17th 2009 on the second day of my 365 project (which I unfortunately didn't complete) I took some pictures that you can see if you click here.  These were the day and night splints that were supposed to help my foot pain.  Well here is today's picture:

I had foot surgery at 8:00 this morning to cut part of the plantar muscle that runs along the bottom of my right foot.  I will be on crutches for 2 weeks and then hope to be able to walk without discomfort something I haven't been able to do in 2 years.  The doctor was very clear about the pros and cons of this surgery but I am hoping and praying that everything heals properly.


  1. i hope and pray it gives you lots of relief from the pain. having foot pain makes it hard to enjoy life. and a cute picture of that foot. will be interesting to see what you take pictures of the next few days. a different perspective for sure.

  2. Hope it leaves you feeling much better. Be careful on those crutches.