Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Tree

Last night Arthur put up the Christmas tree and just a couple of ornaments and today while I was home with my foot up resting I watched Sylvester, our cat, climb the tree.  Yikes, with a bum foot I couldn't get up to stop him and he decided to ignore me saying NO, clapping, and other noises to get him to stop.  Tomorrow I will be armed with a squirt bottle.  Tonight Arthur has added a few more ornaments and the tree currently looks like this:
 I purposely put my foot in the shot to document this time as we usually have the tree done in one night and it looks like this year will take several days to get it decorated.  Is your tree up yet?  If so is it decorated?


  1. Our tree is up, not decorated though and we need to add a few more lights. We got Liam his own this year for in his room. From the sounds of it he and Tim had a great time with that one. Maybe I'll have to get some of those new fangled LED lights for his tree.

    Yours looks great.

  2. silly cat. yep the tree is up and decorated. In fact the present are bought and wrapped all that is left is to finish address all the cards about 1/2 done with those this year was delayed do to being to tired from all the snow shoveling