Sunday, November 7, 2010

Feeling educated

Well the 3-day conference is over and I have accumulated 23.5 more continuing education hours.  This is not only a good thing but a great thing as we (certified sign language interpreters) have to get 80 hours of credits every 4 years to keep our certification.  My 4 year cycle ends Dec 31st and to say that I still do not have all my hours even after this weekend is a sad but honest statement.  During these last 4 years we bought a house and other things happened that contributed to my not getting them before now but I working diligently to get them and in the process am learning about lots of different topics.  Now I just need to rest my brain so that everything that was crammed into it this weekend can be processed, analyzed and mulled over.

On the hockey front my husband's team unfortunately lost again this morning but if you knew my husband you would realize that for him this is a good way to see their weakness and to be able to work on them before the season starts.  One positive that came out of it was that a coach from one of the opposing teams told my husband that he thought the Griffins (the team my husband coaches) were a really good team because they never backed down even when they were losing.  So way to go Griffins for giving it your all and staying in the game!!

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  1. 80 credits in 4 year WOW that is a lot I think attorneys need 45 every 2 years so that is almost as much. brain drain hope they have some end of the year cle's for you, they always have those for attorneys