Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gotta love productive days 192/365

Today was a productive day around here and I LOVE that!   One of things that always interest me is how people divide duties within their household.  For us we both do outside stuff and we both do inside stuff.  Sometimes I cook, sometimes he cooks.  Sometimes I clean the pond filter, sometimes he does, you get the picture.  For outside I do the plants and flowers and he does the vegetable garden.  Here in Maryland they say May 1st is a a good day to  put your plants in.  Last week we went to the local Master Gardener plant sale and today those veggies got planted.  I have to confess that the plants we bought at the sale I put in last weekend since we were expecting so much rain I figured they were better off in the soil than sitting in a pot.  Today, I did some transplanting and planting of some other plants we bought during the week and I am becoming happier with the beds.  Patience is not a virtue I have in abundance but gardening is teaching me to be more patient.

After we finished outside we ran some errands and one of those was to buy a blind to replace the one that is in our main bathroom.  When we bought this house 3 years ago (I can't believe it will be 3 years in a couple of weeks) we replaced a lot of the blinds but left the bathrooms as they were livable.  However, the faux wood blind in the main bathroom has become unbearable as of late as all it does is collect dust and no matter how often you clean it it still looks like you have never touched it.  Now that the new blind is bought I took down the old blind and decided that the mustard color on the window frame had to go so I have started to sand that off but since there was a mint green color underneath I am still not done.  Before you comment and tell me I could have just painted over and didn't need to sand it down the paint had a weird rubbery feel to it and I thought it wouldn't take another layer of paint well.  Here is the before picture and hopefully I will have an after picture soon enough.

So how do you divide the chores in your household?

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  1. haha i had to laugh at the yellow and mint colors. here we had lots of pinks and turqouise colors underneath some of the things we have painted. we joke that in the 50's that must have been the in color.

    chores basically whomever seems it does it but there are a few we don't share. He does teh mowing I do planting and weeding for some. I do admit he has way more patience for cleaning then I do and I think he does a better job of it too.