Saturday, May 8, 2010

Commuting 193/365

I have had a crazy week so I didn't post this week but I have several days worth to post tonight.

I took this picture Thursday the 6th.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get above the fence.  It seemed appropriate to show the new engine on our commuter train as the night before about 25 minutes into our commute we were informed that an Amtrak train ahead of us hit a pedestrian and we would need to stop and disembark in Rockville and wait for buses that were ordered to bring us to our destination.  However, I called a friend who came and got us and drove us home.  Kathy, I can't thank you enough as I heard the buses never came as they got stuck in traffic and then the trains got up and running after several hours.  Just goes to show you that can't count on a new engine to get you home but you can always count on your friends.

P.S.  The man hit by the train survived!  Read the story here

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