Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lesson 1 109/365

My friend stampmouse recommended that I read Jeff Wignall's book Exposure Photo Workshop so I just started and I have finished chapter 1.  Each chapter has an assignment at the end so I thought I would try the work and post it here.  The first assignment is to photograph a piece of architecture in whole or part and to not to worry about exposure but shoot in full automatic mode. It is interesting because I use to shoot in auto or program mode and now 95% or more of the time I shoot in full manual mode so it is weird to go back to auto. Since I take the commuter train to and from Union Station every day and I love all the arches in the building I decided to use Union Station for this assignment.  Here is my photo:


  1. This is an awesome photo! Great job!

  2. tha is an awesome picture. I need to get my picture taken hopefully this weekend I can get out and do it.

  3. Hi Lizzy,

    I love the photo, it's great--wow, someone actually did one of the assignments in my Exposure book, that's great. I love the infinity-mirror look of the arches. Did you convert the shot to black and white and color back some of the things like faces? It can't really be this b&w looking in reality.

    Thanks for mentioning the book, by the way. Pretty weird when the authors start to follow the readers' blogs, isn't it? :)


  4. Jeff,

    That is the photo straight from the camera. I only added my signature in Photoshop Elements. Honestly, I wouldn't even know how to color back anything. Grin. It was an overcast day and that is what the granite and light fixtures look like in that kind of weather.

    I am really enjoying the book. I have so much to learn and having the chapters followed by assignments is really helpful.

    Yes, it is pretty weird when authors start to follow a readers' blog but very cool too. Thanks for stopping by!