Sunday, January 24, 2010

Caps game 111/365

Our friend Stephanie called today to see if we wanted to join her for a Capitals game as her husband was sick and her son had other plans so she had two extra tickets.  We said sure and headed into D.C. with her for the 7:00 pm game time.  When we first arrived we were greeted outside the Verizon Center by a D.C. metro police officer on her horse, Rosie. Here is a picture of Rosie with her cropped mane and check out her badge on her chest....very cool

I have a second picture from the game that I can't resist showing you and that is of the you see anything wrong with this picture?

The dude in the astronaut outfit has Capstronaut written across the back and watched the entire game in his suit and apparently is a regular....too funny.  He kept me amused every time I looked his way.
Thanks for the tickets Stephanie!
***edited to add the Capitals defeated the Phoenix Coyotes 4 - 2***


  1. Capstonaut cracks me up. Love the dudes creativity. Did they win?

  2. You are right he has creativity! Every time they scored he would get up and do this dance thing that you see in the picture. I guess it is his version of the moonwalk. Lol. I edited the post to add that the Caps won 4-2.

  3. the horse is so cool. the astronaut well thats weird but to each his own he is living life large.