Monday, November 23, 2009

Woo Hoo and Thankfulness 65/365

A couple of woo-hoos today.  First, I have reached day 65 so only 300 left....woo hoo.  Second, I made a light box that I was able to take the above picture in.  Now, the positive is that I was able to take a picture because it was a rainy, gray day here and I am not sure I would have gotten a picture otherwise. The negative is that the only lights I have in my house are Ott-lights and they don't give off enough light which is why the background above is gray (at least I think that is the reason).  I will need to play more but woo-hoo for a light box!!

Today I am thankful for the people on the internet that are so generous with their ideas, tips, tricks,etc.  I first read how to make a light box over on PG's blog and he got it from over at Strobist I had questions and I emailed PG and he so very kindly took the time to answer my questions.  So thanks Pat, I really do appreciate it!


  1. awesome. I love that you have no shadows showing on the picture. I read something about white balance and you need to adjust it for the background and it will turn out whiter. still learning on this.

  2. still thankful even though I still haven't answered the last couple questions you sent?

    and yeah, i think white balance as much as brightness is to blame for your gray whitebox

    look for a incandescent or tungsten setting.

  3. Of course I am thankful for all of your help. You can't help it if I keep bugging you with more questions. grin.

    I am using custom on my white balance. Setting it on the white space then adding my object and taking the photo, is that wrong?

    See I even asked another question. lol