Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 10

Today is the start of the double digit days...day 10!  I am going to post a composite photo that I made by taking 5 photos and applying what I learn in a Layers and Mask class I took a couple of weeks ago.  The class was taught by my friend Cam Miller ( http://www.camscamerashots.com ).  I wanted to play around with what I learned before I forgot it so I decided to do this shot.  Unfortunately, I didn't space myself out enough each time I took another shot and when I got up to turn the remote back on I was not in the same place, hence the feet not being in a line and overlapping in the middle but this one was about playing and learning so I am posting it anyway.  I will definitely try this technique again. 

Now the story behind the photo.  I love fun socks!!  One of the last gifts my mom gave me before her dementia set in was a bunch of fun mismatched socks.  Now years later they are getting holes in them and I have had to throw out a bunch of them and every time I do I grieve her passing.  One of the last pairs I have is the pair on the far left of this photo.  The second pair in (baking and sewing) my friend Alissa sent to me - I love them!!!  Speaking of Alissa, last week on Instagram was a photo of her in the middle pair and I commented on them and she told me she got them at Target.  I decided that I needed to resupply my fun socks because my mom would much prefer I was happy than sad so off I went to buy the Snoopy/Woodstock ones along with the other 2 pairs.  I think my love of fun socks started with toe socks!  How about you do you like fun socks?

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  1. The photo turned out great! Thanks for the plug, too. My daughter Erin loves fun socks and she even instituted "Fun Sock Friday" at her work. Keep on adding to your Mom-approved collection. My only "fun" pair of socks has great blue herons in them. I think I need more fun socks in my life.