Sunday, July 26, 2015

July 26, 2015

We have been talking about walking to church and today was the day.  Hot and humid, why not? Let me count the ways why not but since it was my suggestion I will keep it to myself...for once.
Here are my photos from the walk.

First up is the sign outside Firestone's Market.  Pay attention to the bottom portion of the sign, it says it all.

Next is the mural on Lord Nickens Way.  

Lastly I have seen this big chicken from a distance but never close up.  I like him!  I want one.


  1. Nice mural and the sign is great. Big chickens have been a hot item for a couple of years now. Wasn't there some story about one. Need to find that

    1. The mural is so cool in person. The Bloggess wrote one that I found last night while trying to find out about this one in Frederick. If you know her you know there will be swearing but I have to say I laughed so hard reading is the link: