Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21, 2015

Yesterday and today were very hot and humid here and with that they were deemed to be yellow alert days.  Which means I didn't go out very much at all yesterday so no photos and today I went out for only a short walk.  I decided to take pictures in my back yard.

This one is of my hydrangeas.  I like it because it shows the vivid blue of the new blooms in the foreground and the greenish purple of the blooms past their prime in their background.  Laura, every time I look at my hydrangeas I think of you.  Show Dave how beautiful they can be.  ;)

This is some of the cherry tomatoes Arthur is growing.  He moved his garden this year to a sunnier spot and it looks like we will have lots of tomatoes to enjoy!

The weather is supposed to get much better tomorrow.  I can't wait!!!

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