Wednesday, October 23, 2013

P52 catch up

Do you ever wonder why you don't do the things you enjoy?   I really like taking photos but when I look back over the last month I realize I had a few days where I took a lot of photos and other weeks where I took none.  Partly because my camera sensor needed to be cleaned, thankfully that has been done.  Also, I had a cortisone shot, do NOT listen to anyone that tells you they don't hurt much.  I was in agony for awhile.  Fingers crossed it worked.  We'll see.  Now on to catching up on my P52.

Week 38 (Sept 10-17, 2013)

The Great Frederick Fair took place this week and I finally tried my hand at the ever popular ferris wheel shot.  It was fun to try and see all the different patterns that came out.

 ESlade-September 15_ 2013-3176

Week 39 (Sept 17 - 24, 2013)

No photos taken...sad week

Week 40 (Sept 24 - Oct 1, 2013)

Another sad week of not taking any photos

Week 41 (Oct 1 - 8)

This was the week of Scott Kelby's World Wide Photo Walk.  My husband and I drove up to Philly for the walk.  We had a great time and after the walk was over we went back to the Di Bruno Bros. cheese shop where Ian, one of their great employees, gave us a cheese tasting....fantastic!  Here is a photo from the shop I took during the walk.

ESlade-October 05_ 2013-3253

Week 42 (Oct 8 - 15)

I did take a bunch of photos this week but they were head shots for my quilt guild and I can't share them here.  Bummer

Week 42 (Oct 15 - 22)

No photos this week.  I really need to shoot more.

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