Tuesday, August 13, 2013

P52 - week 33

Have you ever had a picture in your head that you tried to recreate and just couldn't get it right?  That is this week's P52.  I have wanted to make this for months but when I tried to do it this past Sunday I just couldn't get it exactly like I wanted.  Originally I thought I would make it black and white but when I converted it I didn't like it.  The silver from the grater was too shiny so I had to pull the sheer curtains in my living room to tame the glare.  The first table I used didn't work.  I wanted a black table cloth and I didn't have enough black fabric to pull it off and on and on it went.  I am satisfied with this one but I there are things I would change looking at it now.  Oh well I will try again another day.


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  1. Beautiful composition


  2. Really beautiful composition. I actually think the color in the tablecloth adds to it.

    1. Thanks! I decided on a small quilt and I really like it but it definitely wasn't in the original plan.