Thursday, July 18, 2013

P52 catch up weeks 21-29

It seems all I ever do is play catch up but that is okay with me.  I am just trying to stay in the game.  I am going through my photos to see if I have one for all the weeks I didn't post so here goes...

Week 21 -  During the Beyond the Garden Gate Tour, an event that we love and try to go on every year, I ran across this old coal hatch and I just love the look of it.

ESlade-May 18_ 2013-2213

Week 22 - I only took a couple of shots all week and they were of the same subject the front of the house and since I am not good with post processing tools I cropped out the car and the door with our house number on it.  Ha!  Nothing too exciting here except it is nice to be home again and to have plants thriving after the fire.

ESlade-May 27_ 2013-2248

Week 23 - I didn't take any pictures this week - slacker

Week 24 - I chose this picture to represent week 24 because it was by far the best piece of quiche I have ever eaten in my life.  Arthur and I went to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY for breakfast and lucky for me I ordered the bacon and gruyere quiche.  Oh my I still want to know how they got that pie crust so thin and flaky...yummy deliciousness.

ESlade-June 10_ 2013-2332

Week 25 - I live in the town where Francis Scott Key worked for part of his life and is buried.  There was an event here to reunite the writer (Francis Scott Key) with the manuscript (our national anthem) and it was a beautiful event.  During the ceremony they took a flag that had been flown over Fort McHenry and flew it on the flagpole next to Key's gravesite.  Here is a picture of the flag and the Key statue.

ESlade-June 15_ 2013-2392

Week 26 - I took this one of a cardinal at a bird feeder in our front yard.  The angle is weird because I took it through our bay window and if  I opened the door to get outside the bird would have been long gone.

ESlade-June 25_ 2013-2440

Week 27 - no photo.

Week 28 - no photo

Week 29 - I had foot surgery a couple of weeks ago which is why there is no photos for the last 2 weeks.  The couch I have become best friends along with our buddies ice pack and pillow.  I have seen very little and maybe that is why when I went into the bathroom the other day and this is what I saw I grabbed for my camera and was very happy they were still there when I came back.

ESlade-July 16_ 2013-2458

If you are still here to the end I appreciate it and hope you are enjoying your summer.  Take care!


  1. Nice! I love the coal shot.

  2. I so enjoyed your 'catch up' images, Lizzy! This is my first visit here from Sweet Shot Tuesday, and only my second time entering Kent's challenge. You have a very pretty house, and I hope all is well after the 'fire'!! Sure hope your foot is feeling better since your surgery, too! Your breakfast looked amazing! Quiche is one of my favorite meals! That is also a great shot of the cardinal ... love your creative bird feeder, too! And your cats ... I love that one!! I have two fur babies, but they've never ventured up top! lol! Have to say your two are gorgeous!! Oh my, you had to go and mention that 4 letter word, now didn't you! And here I was, trying so hard to forget about it! lol!! Yes, the 'heat' has been extremely unbearable here in Indiana, too, but I hear there is a cool down on the way for later tomorrow and Sunday! As soon as it gets here, I'll send it your way! Stay cool and have a happy weekend!

  3. Deborah, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you are playing in Kent's challenge again. Thanks for all your sweet comments. All 3 of our cats love the bathroom. Our third one (not pictured) has figured out how to flush the toilet. Which is funny until it happens at 5:30 in the morning. Ha. We were supposed to get rain last night to break the heatwave but it didn't come. This morning is comfortable but it is supposed to be in the 90s again this afternoon. Take care.

  4. oh the quiche looks yummy. love seeing photos of places I have seen on my travels.