Tuesday, March 20, 2012

People Pictures - exercise 7

This week's exercise is to use descriptive words to inspire your photograph.  The words that kept running through my head is "he's just like a big kid" and if you know my husband you know those words describe him.  I know he was my model last week but without kids I am sure this won't be the last time he is my model.  I truly struggled with this specifically because I have not conquered shutter priority and trying to get him sharp proved to be difficult as you can see.  Also, this isn't a good picture but I figure during this 7 month exercise I will have more than one bad shoot but that is what this is about...learning.  Here is my shot for the week:


Please be sure to check out the other woman in my group working our way through Chris Orwig's book People Pictures.


  1. I love this too. It's such a great picture of Arthur and captures his essence well.

  2. the only bad photo is the photo not taken.

  3. Uh, again, I need to learn to sign my name,

    Anne S.

  4. I love it! He looks like a fun guy to be around :-)

  5. I like this one, too. It captures his personality -- just like a big kid -- and it's fun and makes me happy to look at. Did he actually just jump off the swing? It really makes me smile!