Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting by 5 minutes at a time

I can't believe that tomorrow will be 5 weeks from the fire.  We have truly been getting by 5 minutes at a time so it is hard to fathom that much time has gone by.

Once the fire was under control one of the firefighters brought out our cameras.  They happened to be in the kitchen since I had used mine earlier in the day.  My camera was wrapped in a Domke Protective Wrap and it saved my camera.  The wrap was wet, smelly and filthy but when I took my camera out of the wrap it had some water but had it not been wrapped it would have been ruined from all the water and debris the kitchen table received.  I brought my camera to our local Nikon certified service center and they removed the moisture that did get in.  Thank you Strauss Photo-Tech!!  If you don't have a wrap for your camera I highly recommend it!  Sometimes I just want to put my camera in a tote bag and go and I always wrap it before I do and Domke wraps are fantastic for this, they cushion your camera and keep it safe.  My husband's camera wasn't wrapped and his camera smells horribly of smoke.  We are now seeing if the company that is working on our electronics can get out the smell and if not then he will be buying a new camera.   I got my camera back last Saturday and I have taken some pictures of the progress going on at the house that I will be sharing soon.  Here is the picture that I took when the fireman handed me my camera not my best but pretty good for a camera with some water in it.  If you look in the window to the left of the front door you can see there was still some flames in the house. 


**I am not affiliated with Domke in anyway I just wanted to let you know of my experience.  I believe in promoting good products and this one is fantastic!


  1. wow thank goodness you had that wrap. i had this on my wish list looksl ike I need to up that list because I leave my camera out on teh table many many times.

    hugs i know this is not easy. thanks for sharing some of how it is going

  2. @stampmouse - I would definitely recommend moving it up that list. I wrap my camera and then take it with me in the car when I don't want to bring a bag or when it is just sitting out so that there are no accidents.

    Thanks for the hugs I need all I can get. smile

  3. Hi Lizzy! So sorry to hear about your loss! Amazing to think that your camera was in the fire and has come out fairly unscathed! Wow! I've never heard of these wraps, will have to check them out.

    Sending you lots of postitive thoughts and strength during this difficult time for you and your family. Keep taking those photos. ;-)

  4. Aquashell - Yes, it was amazing that my camera came out fairly unscathed.

    Thank you for the positive thoughts. We appreciate it.