Sunday, July 17, 2011

Covered Bridges, shout outs and shooting raw

In my county we have 3 covered bridges and for the four years I have lived here I have wanted to go find them and today was finally the day. 

First up is the Utica Mills Covered Bridge:

Utica Mills Covered Bridge

The second one had people playing underneath so I decided to check out the roof lines.  Here is Loy's Station Covered Bridge.

Loy's Station Covered Bridge

The last one is the Roddy Road Covered Bridge.

Roddy Road Covered Bridge

I haven't been posting much for a bunch of reasons but one is that I do not do well in the humidity and this area has been blanketed in humidity for a couple of months now and after working all day all I want to do is hang out in the air conditioning.  Ashley from Ramblings and Photos has blogged about her mojo not being around in the heat and every time I read her saying that I think to myself "Yes, I hear you sister! I think my mojo is hanging out with yours in an ice cream parlor"  I thank her for the validation.  Then I go over to Jill's blog at Jill Samter Photography and she is taking these great summer shots that I wish I could get out more to capture the moments.  I thank her for the inspiration.  Yesterday Alissa from Have Stroller Will Travel blogged about the season of fun and it was a great reminder of all the things to go out and experience.  It totally helped me get up and out today to go check out the bridges.  Thanks for the push Alissa! 

The other day Andy from at Nevercap and I had a good discussion about shooting RAW and so I decided to go out and shoot RAW for the first time today.  I need to work on it and I desperately need help with how to shoot using natural light better but it was fun to get out and play.

Thanks to all the bloggers out there that inspire daily, today I just wanted to give a shout out to a few of my favorites. 

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  1. cool bridge wish we had something like that this way. i giggle a little because being from teh opposite side of the us I love the summer hot or not just to get out because the cold and snow make me have no motive to get outside. I haven't moved to raw yet how did you like it?