Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos hosts a photo scavenger hunt every Sunday and it has been a goal of mine to participate and today I finally realize that goal!!  This week's items are Architecture, Rimmed with Light, Toes/Feet, This is my favorite..., and Shade(s).  Here is my take on the items, I hope you like them.

1. Architecture - I took this last night of a church in town that I have been wanting to get a picture of at night.

2.  Rimmed with Light - I look up this technique on-line since I wasn't familiar and quite honestly since I have been sick for the last 2 weeks decided that this was a technique to practice another time.  I look forward to seeing what the other participants did with this one.

3.  Toes/Feet - since my foot is still in a boot I decided to re-post this picture since my feet look exactly the same.

4.  My Favorite....  I chose my favorite plant since it is starting to grow now and I can't wait until it blooms.  This is a Baptisia also known as False Indigo and when my friend and gardening mentor Michael and I walked around the U.S. Botanic Garden I kept stopping every time I saw this plant so he suggested I buy some for my own garden and I did just that.  It takes about 5 years to really set in your garden and this is my 3rd year and it look great so far.

5.  Shade(s)  These are my husband and my sunglasses and my least favorite of the pictures but I took it quickly this morning so I could participate in the Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

 All of these are SOOC with either a crop and the addition of my watermark or just the watermark.  I am not really comfortable with Photoshop Elements yet to do other things but I will work on it.

Please go check out the other players in the Scavenger Hunt Sunday found here and thanks to Ashley for hosting.


  1. I love the POV and the light on that first shot of the church. sorry 'bout that foot and hope it heals quickly for you.

  2. Loving all of these especially your architecture & shades :)

  3. So glad you joined this week. I really like your architecture shot and I hope to see you again next week!

  4. Glad you joined, that architecture shot is wonderful!! Hope your foot comes out the boot soon for strappy sandals! I fell in love with the bleeding heart bush at the botanical gardens, ;) going by the Obi to plant one in our front garden... wonderful that you have that joy to look forward too

  5. Love the colors and perspective on the church!

  6. :) Ironically I love the shades pic. the most! :) Looking forward to seeing you more in the future. :)

  7. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and leaving comments. I really appreciate it!