Sunday, May 8, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday #2

I enjoyed participating in last week's Scavenger Hunt Sunday so much that I decided to participate again this week.  Thanks to Ashley for hosting over at Ramblings and Photos.  This week's themes are SOOC, Sprouting, Isn't It Ironic, Lazy and Smells Like Spring.  Here are my interpretations of the themes.

1.  SOOC - I took this photo yesterday at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  This is a llama that I thought was adorable.  I only added my watermark and resized for the web for this straight out of the camera (SOOC) shot.


2.  Sprouting - here is another picture from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.  This little guy is 2 weeks old, his name is Romeo and you can see his horns are already sprouting.


3.  Isn't It Ironic - I had a really hard time with this one.  I had an idea but couldn't get the photo so last night while we were downtown walking a bride and groom just showed up in front of us and I thought it was ironic that there were tons of people downtown just enjoying the day and they looked up to see a groom helping his new wife walk down the road.


4.  Lazy - last night we went to First Saturday in Frederick and when we walked into one of the art shows I found Dulce hanging out on her back just waiting for people to come by and scratch her belly.  I don't know if she was lazy or just smart because lots of people stopped by and gave her great belly rubs.  She totally lives up to her name, she is one sweet dog.


5.  Smells Like Spring  - I originally wanted to photograph cut grass but it rained almost every day this week so no one was out cutting their lawn this week including my husband.  So I went with my second idea which is the smell of rain.  These are raindrops on one of our hostas.


Be sure and check out the other participants here.


  1. your photos! Your take on sprouting is so cute! The last photo is stunning. The raindrops look so beautiful against the bright green leaf.

  2. I've never seen "horn sprouts" before, wow. I'll definitely have to show this to my kids. :)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your 'Smells Like Spring' shot --those water droplets are so cool. Great capture!

  3. That llama needs his fringe cut LOL and those raindrops look so good on that hosta leaf.

  4. Your last shot is incredible - love those little water droplets.

  5. Glad you decided to do antother SH I'm loving all of these, especially *ironic!* & lol at lazy, too cute! Happy Mother's Day :)

  6. Great shots! The last one is amazing!

  7. these are great!!!!!! love the lazy shot and the spring shot is a great shot

  8. love your droplets!

  9. Love those water dropets!And I absolutely LOVE the first 2!!!

  10. Great photos. Love your SOOC and the last one. Gorgeous!