Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chalk Drawings - Good to Wow - edited!

On Monday I shared my Good to Wow Challenge.  The theme this week is Chalk Drawings.

Again here is the SOOC


For today's edited version I added the Boost action from The CoffeeShop Blog and lowered the opacity a little bit.  As I am brand new to actions I would love to hear your feedback.


Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out the particpants over on Ashley's blog to see their edited versions.

**Edited to say that when I look at these on my laptop at home you can definitely see a difference the sweatshirt and drawing itself look lighter in the edited one but now that I am at work they look almost the same.  Can someone tell me if they see a difference?  Thank you.**


  1. That's really all it needed - great work!

  2. I can see a very small difference in the lightness of his sweatshirt--a good difference. The drawing looks basically the same to me. It is annoying how every one's monitors are different--even if they are calibrated. There was maybe a little room to up the opacity on the action, but really this is a fantastic photo! Truly terrific!

  3. Thanks Ashley.

    Cedar - thank you so much for your feedback. What you are seeing is what I saw at work too. Now I know to go a little lighter. I agree that it is annoying that all monitors are different and I have never calibrated mine so it is probably off.

  4. very slight difference. I agree very annoying how the monitors make thing look so different

  5. I can def see the difference in the edit - just enough boost in contrast where he stands out from the artwork

  6. @stampmouse,
    @AJ and
    @Allison Hoffman - thank you ladies I appreciate the feedback!