Saturday, May 14, 2011

Being Productive While Being Sick

I know the title sounds like an oxymoron but I have been sick with one thing or another for the last month and nothing has gotten done so I decided I would try to at least accomplish a few things today.  Yippee for having some energy to try and get some things done!  Now understand I am still camped out on our living room couch but I figured out what I could do while laying there and here is my list.

  • Reconciled my bank account on Quicken and Backed up the system
  • Backed up and updated my blackberry
  • Moved over the last of my pictures to my external hard drive and deleted 3,676 photos from my laptop.  Now that was scary!
  • Installed Photoshop Elements 9, which arrived this week
  • Made a folder on my desktop for PSE actions - I have never used an action and I really want to learn how so I thought I would take the first step by making a folder to keep them in.
  • Put my new camera strap on my camera.....I love it!  I will take a picture of it this week to blog about
Whew, it may not sound like a lot to you as the computer does most of the work but I am thrilled to get some things off my to do list!!!

I have not taken one picture this week so I won't be playing in Photo Scavenger Hunt Sunday and probably not Good to Wow either which is a bummer since I enjoyed playing in both the last 2 weeks but I am hoping that the meds will kick this thing once and for all.

Have a great weekend and I hope to be back with a photo post soon.


  1. Hope you're all well and taking lots of pics soon!

  2. thats a good amount of organizing and productiviy I would say. I haven't used actions either so will be watching this close. anxious to see your camera strap I have one cut out and ready to sew just hasn't quite made it out of my ufo pile yet.

  3. I hope you feel much better soon... but wow, you got plenty done there. :)