Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Korean War Veterans Memorial

In my last post I showed the boot I have to wear for my broken foot and unfortunately it is still a part of my wardrobe.  However, we had some friends come for a visit last week and our goal was to show them all around our area so I just put on the boot and walked and walked and get the idea.  One of the places we visited while they were here was the Korean War Veterans Memorial which if you ever get to visit D.C. is a must see.  We wanted them to see the memorial during the day and also at night so on Monday, their last night in town we went down to D.C. with tripod in hand.  I must say I am really happy with these photos as I believe they are my first night photos with my new camera (I still call it new since I got it in December while recovering from foot surgery and since I am still having foot issues I haven't gotten to play with it enough).  I will say I took more photos last week then I have taken in the 3 months I've had the camera.  Yippee.  Let me know what you think.

 I am joining Darcy's Sweet Shot Tuesdays link party today and this is my first time joining a link party so if I do it wrong please let me know.  Thanks.


  1. awesome. I love the way the branches shadow on the first soldiers body the erieness of their faces really shows in teh night light. I agree this is a must see memorial both day and night. and since I was one of those guests I am very thankful to my tour guides. now lets hope that foot starts to heal better.