Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Orange - day 2

Shelly from over at A Bunch of Photos and I both needed some inspiration to get our cameras out of our bags and start clicking again.  We decided on a color challenge and this week is orange.  Well you can see how well I did when it started yesterday and I had nothing to show for it.  So here is day 2.....a sculpture that is found in Washington D.C.

Be sure and check out Shelly over at A Bunch of Photos. to see what she comes up with this week in the category of orange.

I am continuing my reading over at Darcy's blog and her series 31 Days to a Better Photo.  I am up to day 24.  The next couple of days in the series relate to photoshop actions and I really need to be able to spend some time with it so hopefully I will finish the series this week but if not I will finish next week.  It has been a wonderful series.