Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Days 7 -13

I haven't posted in a week for several reasons. One being the designing, creating and mailing of the invitations I mentioned in the previous post.  Second reason is my foot is still driving me batty from my surgery.  The pain is still so bad that I come home and put it up every night.  The last reason is my commute makes it so that I do not get home in daylight in order to do the photo assignments.  Here is my catch up.

Day 7 -  Tackling Depth of Field - this was a photo assignment day and I tried to do it today on my way to the commuter train.  Unfortunately, I was not happy with any of the photos so I will be re-doing this assignment. (pending)

Day 8 -  The Exposure Triangle - this was a reading assignment and Darcy used a good analogy to make you understand how to put together everything we have learned about ISO, shutter speed and aperture.

Day 9 - Scales - This is really where I am stuck....making everything happen like second nature.  I continue to have to really think about every aspect and by the time I figure it out the shot is gone.

Day 10 - Meter Maids - this reading assignment was chock full of good information as they all have been but this one definitely caused a light bulb or two to go off.

Day 11 - Shooting Manually - this was a photo assignment day.  I will do this assignment after I do day 7's assignment properly. (pending) Completed and posted on 2/17/2011

Day 12 - What's White Balance - Great examples of the various white balance presets available in your camera.

Day 13 - Setting Custom White Balance - another photo assignment that I will do in order after day 7 and 11.  (pending)

I am caught up with all the reading and need to catch up on the assignments which I am hoping to do this weekend.

Take care!

***Updated 2/17/2011 to show Day 11's assignment completed.***

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  1. wow you are really cruising along. I really need to start working on this myself. been a bummer of a 2 weeks photo shooting wise just no time, energy or desire.