Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 7's assignment and Day 15

Back on Day 7 Darcy talked about Tackling Depth of Field.  This was a photo assignment day and when I went to do the assignment I was unhappy with any of my photos which turned out to be a good thing because I definitely learned a few things from my mistakes.  Today I tried again and the lighting isn't great because I took these photos inside but they serve the purpose of showing how depth of field changes with aperture changes.  I took the whole spectrum of aperture options on my camera and then picked 3 to show the differences.

One with a wider aperture opening:

 One from around the middle:

One with a smaller aperture opening:

As you can see from the pictures that the chair in the background is blurry with the wide open aperture and much clearer with the smaller opening.  As I said I know the pictures themselves are not very good because of the lighting but I wanted to use my SOOC pictures to show the assignment and these work for that.  I have simplified depth of field here because Darcy did a fabulous job of explaining it here.  Go check it out.

Day 15 is another reading assignment this time the topic is histograms.  


  1. you did a great job showing the dof. amazing how that little bit of a change makes such a difference in the picture

  2. Hi Lizzy, I love this photo journey you are on! Thanks for posting your progress I'm going to check it out myself. For this posting i really like seeing the differences in aperature, sometimes we just snap the photos and don't bother to look at the differences! Thanks for sharing!