Sunday, November 21, 2010

Foot, fish and flowers

Today was a tough day.  I am having foot surgery in a week and a half and unfortunately I overdid it on Friday and Saturday so I spent today lying around while Arthur cooked for me and took care of me.  I feel bad that he had to spend his day off taking care of me.  I know he didn't mind but I still wish I could have done more for myself.  After taking care of me he went outside and raked leaves and found out that one of my favorite fish in our pond died.  Rocky, was a beautiful white and gold comet fish with a gorgeous big split tail.  I will miss going out to the pond and seeing him gracefully swimming around. 

On a more positive note yesterday Arthur bought me a beautiful gerber daisy as he knows I love them.  Isn't it pretty?


  1. sorry about your fish. arthur is a good hubby and the flower is beautiful.

  2. Hope your foot feels much better after the surgery. Bummer about Rocky!