Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Card poll added

A couple of weeks ago when I took stock of everything that I have to get done before the holidays I decided not to make my Christmas cards this year.  However, I am waffling a little on my decision.  I have just added a poll to the right side of my blog to see how people feel about Christmas cards.  Are they something you look forward to or are they just an added stressor to your already full holiday schedule?  I am just curious how people feel on the topic.  Thanks for participating!


  1. i voted...btw... but like i dont understand sending christmas cards to people that during the year you dont talk to...its a waste of paper and my money to buy the stamps. lol. i do however, like recieving them from friends and close family =] nice pole btw...very creative

  2. Sending cards is a MUST for me! Who doesn't love getting happy mail in their box instead of bills? And I see nothing wrong with sending or getting cards form people you don't hardly talk to through the year. People are busy people have lives, that doesn't mean they don't think of you. That Christmas card is a great opportunity to connect with them, even if it is just once a year.

    Stop by the blog at the following link and see how to get 50 free holiday cards from shutterfly.

    Then stop by the blog at the following link and see how to use up all those holiday cards you got so that they are not "a waste of paper" if that's your outlook on it.

    Anyway I like Christmas cards! I like getting them and I like sending them! But I'm a traditional kind of girl!

  3. intersting poll. I like sending and receiving cards handmade or not. I think to me its a little cheer to someone even if I can't afford to give gifts to everyone on my list at least I can send a card. but it is time consuming and sometimes I do wonder if the other person really cares or not.