Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New beginnings

It has been a crazy couple of weeks which have made me re-evaluate my blog and the 365 project.  I have decided to stop on my attempt at the 365 project.  Over the last couple of months I have missed a day here or there but was told to keeping shooting and I have but I have decided my head and heart are just not in a 365 project right now.  I have a bunch of photos on my camera that I have taken over the last 2 weeks but I haven't found the time to upload them to my computer.  Since my computer for doing that is at home right now I won't have any photos in this post.  I am just finding it very difficult to get inspired to shoot daily I am secretly hoping that if I take the pressure off myself with not doing the 365 project I will get motivated. 

One of my quilt guilds just had a quilt show at the Frederick Fairgrounds and hubby and I worked it every day so we are both exhausted and I for one want a nap and it is only 11 am. 

Look for some changes coming up and thanks for sticking with me.


  1. no stress this is suppose to be fun and inspiring so take it easy and post a few pictures of the quilt show when you get a chance. funny I was just thinking about you on my way to work today and was going to write you when this blog post popped up

  2. Sadly, I didn't even take pictures of my quilts hanging up. I did take pics of the boutique as I was responsible for running it and it was my main focus all weekend long.

  3. no worries! completed or not, i am sure you gained value from daily photography. i am glad you gave it a go.

    i have a friend who completed one year and then swore off it (didn't want to be committed to continuing due to blah days, the worry of getting something interesting on each and every day). He took a few months off then started posting again (usually a bunch at the same time, and although he's not calling it a 365 and hasn't confirmed that he's shooting each day I think he has). So, who knows you might come back to it o your own terms.

    Thanks for allowing us to come along with you.

    Have fun with whatever path you take!

  4. PG, I definitely learned a lot and am still carrying my camera which was good today as we had storms rip through the area uprooting trees and causing problems.

    I have a bunch to post and hope to take pics several times a week just not feel the stress of doing one daily.

    Thanks for the help and words of encouragement.

  5. Well I understand your position. If you're stopping the 365 project, I hope that you'll stick with the 365/n project so that I can still have a glimpse of your wonderful photos. I'll keep checking into your blog. Speaking of blogs, I have not posted in weeks. I've been very busy too and hope to have something new this weekend.