Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tea cup bird feeder 222/365

A couple of weeks ago I followed this tutorial found over on Cap Creations to make a Tea Cup Bird Feeder.  The directions were clear, concise and most importantly easy to follow.  So easy I have already made 2, however, I ran out of bird seed just when I finished my feeders and the local store was out too.  Now that I finally have seed I was able to fill my feeder and take these pictures today.  My second feeder is not yet installed as my yard is almost all clay and I couldn't get the feeder deep enough in the ground where I want it.  I hope to have it put out soon.  Check out Cap Creations she has a fun blog and a great jewelry line. 

and here's a close-up


  1. It looks great! So glad you were able to us my tutorial. And thanks for linking to me!

  2. totally cute!!!!!!! I should do that in my yard.