Monday, June 14, 2010

New Hosta 219/365

While in Lancaster, PA this weekend I got two new hostas.  This one is called Sum and Substance, and I planted it out front then read that it can have a 4 - 6 foot spread...oops.  Oh well, I want to plant the bed fuller now and then once my plants really become established and in full spread I can move some things around.  It is what happens when you pretty much start from scratch in a yard that is mostly shade.


  1. The leaves remind me of a handkerchief peering out from a pocket. I think that I like the Hosta plant best when it's just starting to grow.

  2. very pretty I love hostas but we only a small amount of shade so only a couple of them. I love how they just die back to nothing then pop alive and full when ready