Friday, April 23, 2010

W is for woven 185/365

First, I want to say that I passed the halfway mark in my 365 this week!  Woo-hoo!!  The alphabet challenge that several of us are doing has really inspired and motivated me.  I hope that you will scroll over to my sidebar on the right and take a few moment to check out the other players blogs.  They are doing great stuff!! 

Today's photo is not the best but is special to me because my mini-group, The Patchwork Posse, took a class together on how to make a woven panel and then the 5 of us got back together to finish them off.  This weekend is our guild's quilt show and we decided to enter all of them so they could hang as a group.  As you can see three of us decided to make tote bags and two decided to make wall hangings.  I think they all came out great and wish the photo did them justice but our quilt show takes place inside a fairground building with not the best light so you will have to use your imaginations.
Left top: bag by Mary Arthur
Left center: bag by Lizzy (me)
Left bottom: bag by Martha Lisle
Right top: wall hanging by June Hubley
Right bottom:  wall hanging by Kathy Barton


  1. those are aweasome. you do such beautiful work. I wish we lived closeer and you could teach me

  2. very nice. The colours look amazing! Are you ready for the next challenge? How about colours of the rainbow (1 colour each week: red, orange, yellow, green, blue , purple)?