Sunday, April 4, 2010

D is for Dad doing dirty dishes 166/365

My family certainly knows how to eat especially for the holidays which always means lots of dirty dishes.  When my father retired he decided it was his job to clean all the dishes.  Everyone is ordered out of the kitchen and we all listen because if you know my dad he is a tad bit stubborn (okay that might just be an understatement).  Here he is cleaning away. 
Happy Easter everyone!


  1. thanks for the welcome, lizzy! been trying to respond, but had family here and had very little time on the computer. enjoying your a-z...

    excellent work on the "d"x4.

  2. great idea for the D set. My dad does the dishes too but no dishwasher for them all by hand

  3. Obviously he let you "sneak" back in for a pic. I've never seen a picture of your father before, so I love that.

  4. Yes, Alissa that is my dad complete with the cigar butt in his mouth. He is not allowed to smoke them anymore so now he chomps on them...yum.