Friday, April 2, 2010

B is for Bubble 164/365

Today we drove to CT for the Easter weekend and my plan was to take a picture before we left of bubbles made with my big bubble wand but unfortunately it wasn't working right so we stopped at a store and bought a bottle of bubbles and when we stopped at a rest area in NJ we took pictures of bubbles.  This was my favorite one.


  1. Nice capture. I love that if you look close you can see your reflection in it. Enjoy your Easter weekend!

  2. Nice catch. I didn't notice your reflection until Aquashell pointed it out. Nice.

    I think that if they blew bubbles in office building once a week, people would have a bit more pep in their step.

  3. I was blowing bubbles in the car on the way up and kids behind us were pointing and laughing so I agree Alissa it would improve morale