Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Azalea 189/365

The Alphabet challenge ended yesterday and I am sorry to see it end.  The 6 other bloggers that joined me did a great job and they really kept me going.  I thank them all for making it fun.  I hope you enjoyed it!

Today my sinuses feel 3x too big for my head and I am headed off to bed and if you know me I never go to bed this early but I feel lousy. Even though I made the commute into work today I just didn't take any pictures so I came home to take pictures of one of our azalea bushes and every picture came out blurry.  I am sure the wind was a contributing factor but so was my aching head.  Even though this one is blurry I still kind of like it.


  1. I really like the blur factor in this one. Nice shot.

  2. based on your description of the day, i'd day the blur is PERFECT, Suits the shot very well.

    FYI... I finished posting my a-z this afternoon. the trip to florida did NOT cause me to derail! yay!