Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A 365 Challenge and April Blogging

A couple of weeks ago I sent a challenge out to five fellow bloggers to see if they wanted to do a challenge within our 365 projects.  All 5 accepted, thanks guys.  So starting tomorrow (April 1st) we are starting an alphabet challenge within our blogs.  April 1st our photos will be something starting with A, April 2nd B and so on.  Four of the five have photo blogs and the fifth is my friend and fellow blogger who is always up for a challenge.  Thanks Alissa (Have Stroller Will Travel).  Laura over at the Weekend Photo Warrior has finished her 365 project but is still snapping away.  PG at Annoyingly Boring has started his 3rd year doing a I can't even begin to imagine.  Shelly over at A Bunch of Photos and Other Stuff is about 70 days into her first 365 project and last but not least is Jules over at Inside the Lens.  I really hope you will blog hop around and see what everyone is doing with this challenge.  I have set up a list of the participating bloggers in the upper right hand corner so that it is easy to navigate around.  Of course, I am not on the list since you are already here.  I am really looking forward to see what everyone does, will everyone's choice be different or will there be duplicates? Please check them out.

I mentioned Alissa above and she sent out a challenge to some bloggers for the month of April to blog every day and participate in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo).  So I have signed up (I haven't figured out how to add the badge yet, but I will).  I know the goal of a 365 project is to take a photo a day but if you've been following along with me you know I've missed a few days so I am really going to push myself this month which will be an especially busy month.  Wish me luck!


  1. thanks for the challenge looking forward to it. and I love your new blog picture too beautiful

  2. Thanks for the comment about the new picture I figured it was time to switch out the cold river picture for something more spring-like.