Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is that.......snow??????????? 69/365

Let me set the scene here.  Arthur and I decide to go for a drive so I can actually get an outside shot when it isn't gray and dismal outside and we are driving up 15N towards the apple orchards and some farms and what should drive by us but this look closely in the bed of the truck

Yes, that is snow.  I don't know where it came from or what they are doing with it but if you look closely there are even shovels in the snow.  Now notice the side of the road, dry, and green.  We have seen no snow so this was so funny and even funnier was us speeding up trying to get a picture of it.  You just never know what you see out on the roads.
 I smudged out the license plate since I have no idea if you are suppose to publish photos with people's plates showing so that is not snow but the rest of the photo is untouched except for my watermark.


  1. lets hope the snow stays in the truck and doesn't decide to come too soon. lol

  2. Maybe he's on his way to a sno cone making contest??? I'm in! (grin)

  3. Wouldn't a sno cone making contest be fun!!