Saturday, October 31, 2009

the pond is winterized! 42/365

Well the task of winterizing the pond is complete! It is very unattractive now that the floating hyacinth are removed and the lilies, iris and floating hearts are cut down to the pots but all the leaves are removed as well as the sludge of the season. It involved taking all the fish out, the plants out and getting in (waders and all) removing all the water, cleaning the liner, and adding back in all 400 gallons. Can't wait to see the water bill....not! The nice thing is we only do this once a year and it gave us a chance to get a rough count of all the babies from this year...looks like 35!! Plus 3 adults. Unfortunately, I put out my back this morning so Arthur had to do all the heavy lifting and toting but I got to go in and clean the sludge...aka fish poop so I think we are

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  1. wow that seems like a TON of work. Not sure I would be up to that. do the fish stay in the pond after you clean it?? is it heated? and 400 gallons of water WOW i would never have guessed it held that much