Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Play Ball 6/365

Tonight we went to Nationals Park to see the Nationals play the Dodgers. Now being Red Sox fans we really went to see Manny lose. Unfortunately, the Dodgers blew out the Nationals 14-2. The plus side is we got to watch the game with friends and it turned out to be a nice night weather-wise and of course we got to see the Presidential mascots above (L-R Lincoln, Jefferson, Washington and the official Nationals mascot Screech looking off to the side). Next week I am going to Fenway for the first time and I am psyched. September is a great time to take in a game or two.


  1. Abe looks like a bit of a punk, no? Looks like he could be one of those kids that loses it one of these days. What with those spikey eyebrows and that just rolled out of bed hair?

  2. These guys just crack me up! They race around part of the field at one point during the game and sometimes they knock each other over or they topple over because their heads are too big. It is so funny.

  3. those are so neat I had never seen their mascots before. I love it