Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cat Burgular 3/365

Let me introduce you to our cat Simba. She is one of two cats we have and they are both indoor cats. Well today we were working out in the yard and she would not stop crying so we put her in the kitty holster from Crazy K Farm. We bought this recently for our other cat but since Simba also hated the harness we thought we would let her try out the holster. She didn't mind it one bit and really enjoyed being outside with us. Here she is trying to see in the window she normally looks out. I know the horizontal lines are off which throws off the picture but I could only snap 2 before she got down again and the first shot was worse.


  1. My favorite part of this is that I thought it was a dog until I read your comments.

  2. awe cute story. I had to look back to see that it was a cat I too thought it was a dog. haha

  3. So cool! I'm glad you showed me these harnesses :) xo